Feeling lost in the ocean of data? Waste no more time.

Big data targeting specialists. Delivering the ads You want for the products You need.

What's in it for me

What we do

AdMirror is an innovative big data processing engine that precisely identifies customers' interests.

We offer our customers products and services that uniquely match their needs at any given moment. Our engine has been created with the intent of connecting people and products who truely match each other. It filters out all the unnecessary and unwanted offers. This leaves busy adults time to enjoy products and services that truely add value to their lives.

How we do it

AdMirror manages various online communities and networks that are developed to match the audience's interests. Its matching engine delivers relevant ads and special offers to the end customer. It learns based on the customer actions and behaviour. This means that after spending some time on the site our customers start seeing only the ads for the products that match their needs and desires. We specialize in online entertainment products and services.

Fun facts

  • 1,274 offers filtered per minute
  • 341 new customer joins per hour
  • 345 Gb of data processed per day
  • 592 cups of coffee our team drink per week


For any membership enquiries please go to www.admirror.live

AdMirror Limited

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E-mail: support@admirror.live